Need help setting up Korg NanoPad and Cubase LE4

I’ve had the NanoPad for a little over a year now and just now really trying to get it set up to use in Cubase LE4 and control EZ Drummer. I can’t seem to figure out what to do and hoping someone can walk me through step by step.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Installed latest Korg drivers for Nanopad
  • Installed Korg’s Kontrol program and can launch the application for the pad

What I’ve tried in Cubase: Two things…

  • Activate an instrument track and select EZ Drummer as my instrument. I then am able to select NanoPad as my input and EZ Drummer as my output. But, I get no sound or know how to assign any pieces of the drumkit to the individual pads.

  • Activate a MIDI track. Can select Nanopad as an input, but cannot figure out how to tell Cubase to use EZ Drummer as the instrument.

My guess is that both of these paths are wrong and would love for someone to provide a step by step layout of how to get this pad working and allow me to control and play the EZ Drummer kits.

I appreciate any help that can be sent my way.

You need to enable the Monitor button on the Instrument track. Re: pads, you need to assign each on the nano to whatever note EZDrummer uses for that particular sound. For VSTi’s that follow General MIDI, C1 is the kick, D1 the snare etc… .