Need help setting up MBP for on the go composing

I do most of my composing from a PC desktop.

I am now using my Mac Book Pro Lap top to compose while at a retreat away from my studio.

problem is I can’t seem to get it set up right to work efficiently.

last time I did something like this I had a PC laptop with 4 usb ports so there was no issue.

here is the problem:

Macbook Pro only has only two USB ports and when I composing I have four usb devices that I need to connect (Steinberg UR28m audio interface, midi keys, cubase licence dongle, external HDD for Kontakt sample content) so I can connect one device direct to the Mac and the rest through that HUB ( I have two hubs and I tried both with the same result).

Two of these devices only play properly when connected directly to the computer - i.e. not through the hub. - The external sample library external HDD drive and the audio interface.

But if I connect them both direct then there is nowhere for the MIDI keys and license dongle to go.

One of my USB hubs is a noname and the other is a Kensington. The Kensington has a place for a long lost power supply. Does it need external power for all to work correctly?

How do others use CUBASE with external sample content, and an external audio interface on a (2 usb port Mac book Pro)?