Need Help Setting Up UR 44

Having so many issues.

First, the mic has an echo, no matter where I plug it into. Can not get rid of it.

2nd, the guitar plugged in directly to the unit seems to work fine, but doesnt sound that great.

I am using Cubase 8Pro and UR44. I would like to have my acoustic guitar and mic plugged into my amp, and my amp plugged into the ur44, but I can not figure out how to do that. Can anyone help me just get a basic setup so I can record my acoustic guitar (with it’s own onboard pickup and preamp) and my vocals??

Hello tjwaves,

What kind of mic are you using?

Your plugging your acoustic into the high z preamp? What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t sound that great”? Maybe provide some kind of reference or something.

What kind of amp are you plugging your acoustic into? And you want to take the output of your amp into the UR44? That may not be the best way to do this, but we need more info. I have a UR44 as my mobile rig, but I have a used a Yamaha n12 for years and have plugged an acoustic into it many times with excellent results. I have gotten good results not even using the high z pre for plugging in acoustics. The n12 and UR44 have the same preamps.