Need help syncing a Yamaha M08 to Cubase AI5

First off I’ll state that I am a complete newbie when it comes to music production and have hardly any experience using software to record off of a synthesizer. My problem is this: when I hook my synth up to my laptop (Macbook Pro and using an M-Audio MIDI to USB conversion cable) I have a strange interface issue in Cubase AI5 as to where when I play a note on my synth it will perform a hotkey function on my laptop. For example, I can hit a G6 note on my Yamaha and it will begin to record on Cubase as if I had clicked the record. Funny enough, if I click the icon to record or whathaveyou it will play a note on my synth. I have tried messing with the device manager and trying out different remotes but I’m not too certain as to what to do. My M-Aduio cable interface shows the USB light as OK, the MIDI IN as OK and the MIDI OUT only flashes to OK whenever I play a note and does not stay on. I have my Synth’s setting set as: MIDI IN/OUt = MIDI, ThruPort = 8 (?), MIDI sync = internal, ClockOut = on, SequenceControl = out. Other than that I don’t know what else to tell you guys. Is this something that commonly happens? Hope that is enough information. Oh yes and I have downloaded all the correct drivers and related software such as the Studio Manager. Please get back to me, thank you.

Your Keyboard keys are triggering remote control functions in Cubase. Check your manuals on how to configure the output ports of your Motif and the input ports in Cubase so, that remote control infos of your Motif go to the remote control devices MIDI-in in Cubase and audio MIDI info go to the audio MIDI in in Cubase.

I hate to necro this old thread but I’m STILL having this problem. It is not the Synthesizer. I have it configured accordingly to the manual. The problem is lying with Cubase AI 5. I’ve tried multiple times to go to the MIDI Device Manager within the software and install my Yamaha MO8. The Device Manager has no problem installing any model EXCEPT for the MO6/MO8. I have the Studio Manager installed as well. Nothing seems to be working. I’m not sure why Cubase AI 5 was included with the Yamaha MO8 when I bought it because it is definitely not “plug-n-play”.

Have a look at page 161 of your AI5 manual, it may help!

My Cubase didn’t come with a manual.

Well it should be under the help menu? but if it’s not their (I bet it is) then you can always download a copy from here>

Oh… and you can pick up an update for AI5 if you don’t have it, on the same page.