Need help to get started

Hello, just received Cubase 9.5. I have completed all registration procedures except to “Register Hardware”, which is to register audio interface, but I do not have an interface as all lines from my instruments end in a USB connection and go straight into side of my laptop vs through an interface. Do I HAVE TO buy an interface?? IF so, do PreSonus audio interfaces work with Cubase?

Thank You for any help. I’ve been working for two days to get started and have not been able to do so. so, thank you!

Hi and thanks for using Cubase!
If you are referring to the “Register Hardware” option in MySteinberg, then this optional and has no effect on the Cubase installation itself.
You can register Steinberg hardware here if you have any but you can use Cubase with any other audio interface offering standard drivers and preferably ASIO drivers as well - that includes the onboard sound solution most computers offer.

For detailed help, the system setup and what exactly does not work is needed. You should contact support in the US directly then:

Not sure if this helps or not, I came across this 9.5 beginners guide last night.

I haven’t watched it myself so cant comment on how good it is