Need help to load Halion Sonic Instruments

I just purchased some wave samples that came bundled with Sampler Instruments. Among which is Halion.
The instructions say "Halion .fxp files can be loaded using clicking “Load Instrument” in the File pop-up menu but I have not been able to find the menu that is being referenced in the documentation.

I am using Halion Sonic SE2. How can I load the instrument files into Halion?

Being that Halion obviously stores the files somewhere that load the instruments that are already available in the program, if I cannot load them via a pop menu that is referenced in the instructions; surely they must be stored somewhere on the file system.

Anyone no where or how these files are loaded, I’m stumped. :confused:

I’m using a Mac.

I’m afraid you can’t.
Only the full version of Halion can import samples or presets.
(Halion 5 or older versions)

Thank you Misohoza. :smiley:
Although that wasn’t the answer I’d hoped. :frowning:

I’ll see if there is anyway I can acquire an older version of Halion or simply use the SFZ files instead and find a free version of a player that will play those files.

Guess Steinberg realized they could gain a profit by removing support from the version bundled with Cubase and lure you to purchase the full version.