Need help transferring license to other OS (dual-boot)

I recenty assembled a dual-boot PC running 2 OS-es of win 8.1 64x.

Unfamiliar as I am with Steinbergs e-license/dongle policy I installed my UR-44 on my regular OS first -since I wanted to get familiair with Win 8.1, check out and configure my ‘mainstream OS’ before I configured the more ‘sensitive’ DAW OS.

Now I finally was at the point where I felt comfortable enough with the new OS to configure my DAW OS but…(the more experienced user sees it coming already…) ofcourse I can’t register the UR44 twice!

Now obvioulsy I need the UR44 primairily for my DAW OS -especially with the FX Suite and DspfMixer so I need to unregister the UR44 from my mainstream OS so I am able to register it in my DAW OS, since that is where I need the FX Suite and all.

So how can I deregister the UR44? I see no option in the e-licenser controlpanel.

Is this board even alive…?

EDIT: Finally managed to transfer it with telephone support from Steinberg.
Must say (although the info is in the FAQ) it surprises me how difficult it is to find the info -and even the proces described in the FAQ leaves some unclarity… bummer.