Need help understanding how "Filter Envelope" works


I’m new to Retrologue and don’t have much experience with synthesizers in general. I’ve been gathering learning materials and practicing with doing some custom presets and tweaking the factory ones.

So far so good, got a grasp of the principles behind the different sections on the instrument’s synth page and their effect on the sound being generated: oscillators, main, voice, sub, mix, amplifier, and the modulators and matrix to a certain extent.

But I’m having a hard time trying to obtain an intuitive understanding of what the Filter Envelope does. That envelope % value, what does it mean? percentage of what? The same with key follow, what are those percentages? How do they affect the filter?

Apologies if these questions are too simple. The documentation says that the filter envelope:

“Adjusts the cutoff modulation of the filter envelope. Negative values invert the modulation direction.”

This didn’t give me any light, I’m going to need a pious soul to guide me by the hand a bit more and explain how the Filter Envelope relates to the rest of parameters.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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Same question…I’m also wondering how the filter cutoff control functions while using the filter envelope. Is that the peak cutoff value as the envelope passes?