Need help using old version of Nuendo 4 on PC with new Cubase 11

Greetings All,

I recently purchased Cubase Artist 11 online and the E-Licenser Key shipped. I just installed everything today on Windows 10.

So here’s the thing, everything installed properly, but for years I have used Nuendo 4 for recording. I’ve probably used it for 10 years now. Since all of my existing music projects are in N4, I tried to open it up and I could not, something to do with the E-Licenser. I unplugged the E-Licenser, restarted, etc., and still unable to open my old version of Nuendo.

I had to unfortunately uninstall Cubase 11, E-Licenser, etc. to get my old program N4 to work again.

Is there any work around for this, at least until I get used to Cubase Artist 11, that I can sort of “phaze out,” of using my old Nuendo product? I have so many recorded projects in there, and I would like to use them both simultaneously in case I have to remix an old track, etc.

I am not sure if this is a licensing thing, or VST thing, or 32 bit/64 bit thing? My N4 is so old, I would be willing to pay for another license just to have the ability to use both of my programs. Any help is appreciated, I haven’t found any help online or the forums so far.


I think I read somewhere that only Cubase pro can load the files but I’m sure someone in the know will answer.

Oh ok, thanks, yeah it may be worth me upgrading if that’s correct. The weird thing, is that my old Nuendo4 won’t even open now that the new Cubase is installed. It must get its paths crossed or something w/files, completely over my head for sure.

I don’t think that it has to do with the license…

You already have two licenses

Maybe Cubase registered as file handler for .npr files… that’s easy to solve
What’s your OS?

Thanks, currently using Windows 10

Also, not sure if this helps but I did try opening an NPR song project in the Cubase 11 Artist to no avail

So, after trying to reinstall this again, I wrote down the error that I got when opening up my old Nuendo4 after the eLicenser for Cubase Artist 11 is installed.

Nuendo4.exe Bad Image
eLicenser/pos/linux.dll is either not designed to run on in Windows or contains an error 0x000012f

I researched a couple of fixes on line, like replacing said linux.dll file, but could not find it anywhere. I’m assuming this is something needed to run the old Nuendo program. Any ideas? Nuendo 4 works fine on my PC w/Windows 10, until I install elicenser.

You are confirmed in public that you use a crack?

Not at all, I bought this well over 10yrs ago and being that this was 4 conputers ago I have no idea where my original license info is all these years. Thats why I said if it is a licensing issue can Steinberg re-sell licenses for old products?

You should have a USB-elicenser with your license for Nuendo 4, because you need that to use it… if you did recordings the last ten years, so how did you do that without a dongle?

I remember using an activation code in the past no dongle, at one time I had an iLok but I dont think it was for Nuendo

I’m a Nuendo user since Version 1.5 and it needed a dongle for all the versions

@HiddenGemRecords Are you saying you do not actually have a USB Elicenser dongle, yet you’re running Nuendo 4?

Can you upload a screenshot of the About window for that installation? Thanks.

Yes, I have to uninstall ELicenser again and to get back to my Nuendo 4 and take a screenshot, hopefully that will help.

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Also, if I upgrade to Pro, can I open up up Nuendo projects? I bought Cubase Artist 11 but its probably going to be easier to just use one DAW as long as the old nuendo files load correctly?