Need help with an old Cubase LE version!

Hey I’m a new user here and I got the Digitech RP355 guitar model/interface and it came with a disc with Cubase LE5 on it. Now on the old desktop computer I had I installed and fully registered myself with eLicenser and Cubase and even bought the MP3 extension to use everything for life. Recently that desktop computer has died and I bought myself a laptop without an optical drive to be able to put the disc in and reinstall Cubase LE5. I reinstalled the eLicenser Control Centre but I can’t figure out how to reinstall Cubase LE5 because I don’t have an optical drive. Any help is appreciated.

If you registered the software with Steinberg the downloadable installer should be in your MySteinberg account.

Then you’ll need to follow instructions for re-activation.