Need help with audio connections in Cubase 5

Sorry if this is a simple one for many of you, but I can’t figure it out…

In Cubase 5 Studio with Windows 10 and an M-Audio M-Track, audio isn’t working properly.:

  1. playing my controller in Cubase there is MIDI activity in the meters, but no audio on tracks that contain an instrument;
  2. opening for instance a VSL piano track and playing VSL’s keyboard there IS audio and it shows up in the Cubase meters ;
  3. previously recorded audio plays back fine;
  4. playing software through it’s own interface without Cubase works fine also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michael

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

A few follow-up questions.
Have you had this working in the past? If so, what changed between then and now?
Are you seeing indications on the VST Instrument that it is receiving MIDI?
If you record some MIDI events and play it back, does that make a difference?
Can you post a screenshot of your MIDI settings in Cubase?

Thanks for the reply! Yes, when I record MIDI events on a track and play it back, there is audio. That’s interesting!
If you don’t mind, how do I post screenshots?

And yes, it worked fine in the past. It’s been a while since I used the program so I don’t remember if anything changed.

Hopefully this will work, I’m only allowed one embedded item, since I’m a new user.

Here’s the MIDI port setup:

Hi again,
I was able to resolve the issue finally, and as I expected, it was something simple which I overlooked.
I had MIDI through engaged but didn’t realize that for some reason I had ‘NOTES’ filtered under the ‘THRU’ menu. Once I unchecked the ‘NOTES’ box I was good to go. A ‘newbie’ mistake.
Thanks again for offering to help me!