Need help with colors

Hello, I’m wondering if someone can help me with the colors in Cubase Pro 9.5.30 as I’ve made some changes in the past but now believe I’ve reset everything to default (everywhere I can find that) but I still have a problem that many buttons are black (or on a black background) so I can’t see them.

For example, inserts in the mixer are black (usually blue) so you can’t easily see when they are disabled, you cant see the M, S,R, L buttons on the mixer, and in the project window the ‘e’ is invisible next to track names, etc. you can see some screenshots for examples. It happens on all projects so it must be something in preferences but I can’t fix it…can anyone help?



I would recommend complete reset Cubase preferences, aka Cubase Safe Start Mode.

I’ve tried that now and it didn’t work, and I just bought Cubase 10 and that has the same problem (I know it copies preferences so I tried disabling preferences in safe mode here too).

Any other suggestions?


If you had the problem in older Cubase version, you should trash (rename) the older Cubase preferences for too. Otherwise Cubase 10 overtakes the corrupted preferences of the older Cubase and repeats the issue again. Please try.