Need help with Cubase 8.0 working with Arranger keyboard

Hi guys,

I’ve recently switched from Sonar to Cubase for number of reasons that are irrelevant to explain right now.

I have number of issues with getting my Tyros5 to communicate properly with Cubase LE 8.
I’ve searched in the Cubase manual about those, but there was no relevant/useful information regarding working with external tone generators, so I rely on your help almost entirely.

  1. Every time when I import a MIDI song and play it, all the tracks are played with pianos (except the drum track/s), but if I stop and play it again from the position where it already reached (say bar 7), and it plays with the proper sounds for each track. Why is that?

  2. It also appears that the Cubase do not recall the correct patches.
    I’d like to change the bass guitar in track 2, the current is *Cool Electric Bass (CC #000-114 PC34) and it corresponds correctly in Cubase patch library from the drop-down menu, but if I like to change that with *S.Art! Vintage Round Bass(CC #008-032 PC18) it plays an Organ, I suppose it just sees PC18 at the end which is an Organ from the GM sound set.
    In the Patch Bank list for Tyros5 in Cubase, *S.Art! Vintage Round Bass values are addressed as Bank Select 1056 and PC 17, which is absolutely correct. Seems like Cubase skips reading/sending the Bank Select value, and only selects Bank Select 0. So only the sounds that are Bank Select called correctly from the patch list. Am I missing something somewhere, and where?

  3. Where/what is the analog of the Channel Event List from Sonar in Cubase where you can see the all events in the channel/s SysEx, PB values, all CC values, etc…
    Piano roll shows me the notes and their velocities only. Sometimes I need to change the values of CC11 or something else, where do I do that?

  4. How do I recall the desired Reverb, Chorus and DSP’s? In Sonar there was a option where you can save your SysEx for any particular FX and values inside that particular FX, and recall it with just a double click. Is there a similar way of doing that in Cubase, or have to manually write the SysEx…and again where/how?

Those are the major things that I have difficulties of getting around, but are vital for trying to do what I want to do, and any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi and welcome,

1&2) Probably it’s written in the MIDI File like this. Probably the very 1st Program Change of every single MIDI Channel is Program = 0, i.e. Acoustic Piano. Follower by the wanted sound.

  1. List Editor (from the MIDI menu).

  2. In the Event List or in the Key Editor (show SysEx in the Controller line - bottom of the window).

Thanks Martin,

Seems like the version I have decided to try does not have List Editor in the MIDI menu, or anywhere else at all (LE AI Elements), probably have to try another version on Cubase 8, see if I’ll get used to the new workflow, and buy it…of coarse…if I can afford the price.

You are right, I should mention this. List Editor is Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist feature only.