Need Help with Faderport...

It’s a mess…
How can I have it to work properly in Nuendo 6/ 64 bit ? ( W7 Pro)
I’ve had it functioning great with N5.5/32 bit.
Any help would be appreciated


I’m experiencing problems as well.

I doubt we’ll get a reply on this one, with them having their own toy-series and their pro-series.

What problems are you having? I just did a quick test and it seems to be working properly here. Is there something in particular that starts to make things stop working?


For me one issue is that with the motor turned off Nuendo sometimes still manages to grab automation data, which it never did for me in previous versions.

The other thing is when tracks are linked it fails to step through tracks using the channel selector on the device.

OK, I’ll try both of those things tomorrow, so see whether or not it works here.


Thanks. Here’s what I wrote in another thread:

Using a Presonus Faderport in the mixer, with three channels linked, suspend link does not work properly.

  1. Link 3 channels together in the mixer.
  2. Click on one of the three. All three are highlighted.
  3. Use mouse to move right fader; all three move.
  4. Use Faderport to move fader group; all three move.

so far so good.

  1. Select “Sus” (suspend link)
  2. Use mouse to move right fader; only right fader moves.
  3. Use Faderport to move individual fader; only left fader moves, because the selection is still all three and not just one fader, despite link being suspended!

Thanx for the feedback.
Problem now solved.
Don’t know how exactly…but after installing Neyrinck V control Pro, now they both work.

:astonished: :smiley: