Need help with grace period activation from 3.5 to 4.0

I purchased Dorico 3.5 in November 2021. I downloaded Dorico 4 but can’t activate it. I don’t have an activation code to enter. What am I supposed to do? I have 3.5 on my MacBook Pro (High Sierra). I want to load version 4 on my pc laptop ( Windows 10 64-bit).

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You might update the title to say something like "Need help with grace period activation from 3.5 to 4.0. Daniel has been solving these and he reads everything here, but changing the title I think will help him pick this up, know what you need and to get to you as can.


Can’t activate Dorico 4 with grace period.
I followed all the instructions, after redirecting to the browser I got an error. Now I see a message that Grace is available for me, but I don’t know how to get 4 version.

Please see the attachment.

For you, @efimovmusic, please see here:

Follow the appropriate link and all will be well.

For you, Kevin, I need a bit more info. You have bought, installed and activated Dorico Pro 3.5 and been using it since November 2021, yes? In which case you have bought the Dorico Pro 4 update and received a Download Access Code that you have entered into Steinberg Download Assistant? Where exactly are things going wrong for you?

I purchased Dorico 3.5 from Sweetwater Music S a download in November 2021. My understanding is I am within the grace period to receive the update to Dorico 4 for free. I used the download manager and it was downloaded. However, it’s asking for an activation code that I don’t have.

Right. Have you run eLicenser Control Center and allowed it to perform its default maintenance tasks? That should show a prompt that will redirect you to the Steinberg web site, where you can claim your grace period update.