Need help with Haas effect in Nuendo?

I want to create the Hass Effect by shifting the left channel ahead 25 milliseconds. If I already recorded a stereo keyboard track as one stereo track that appears in the timeline, how do I separate this stereo channel into two tracks so that I can shift one ahead 25 milliseconds? And is there an easy way in Nuendo to apply a 25 millisecond delay to one track?

Select the tracks (and the events), right-click on the events and choose to convert multi-channel to mono. You can then use the track delay function to offset one by 25ms (look at the inspector panel).

Alternatively just use the Stereo Delay plug-in and delay one side by 25ms.

+1 to the above, With a couple of little additions:
1 - the delayed track should usually be around 3dB lower at least compared to the original one (your ears will tell you the right balance)
2 - I seem to prefer the sound of the plugin delay compared to delaying the track. Yes, I know it should not make any difference but it does. Probably because I am also using Slate’s VCC (sometimes after UAD A800) before the delay plugin…sometimes not. It just sounds better to me.
3 - This goes without saying, but you can also use this to great effect in a surround mix.

Thanks for the help! I’m almost there. I can’t seem to find this “track delay” function.

I may wind up using a delay effect as neilwilkes recommends but I’d just like to know how to use this track delay.

Make sure you have the track inspector open and then you’ll see a parameter for track delay in milliseconds.

It’s in the Inspector.
Open the track name, and it is the one underneath the panner - see screengrab below.
track delay.PNG

Thanks I got it! I’m rockin’ and rollin’ towards more stereo sounding mixes now. Just found this FREE SHEPPi plugin that will help too…

What’s SHEPPi please? :question:

SHEPPi is one of my secret weapons :wink:

Oh, very interesting.
Grabbed that immediately, and looking forward to trying this one out.
Thanks for the tip!

SHEPPi will save you $1,000 too. The commercial equivalent is about a grand.

SHEPPi is one of my secret weapons

What are your others? Please tell.

BTW does anyone employ adding chorusing to just a right or left channel? For what kind of sounds?

Or take some of the left channel and feed it to the right out of phase? For what kind of sounds?

Does anyone know if the SHEPPi plugin is 64-bit or 32-bit?

32 bit.

Re other tricks - a few custom delay paths, M/S techniques, etc

Working with it in Nuendo 5.5 64 bit and it has three slashes by it. So I guess Nuendo’s bit bridge is doing the conversion? Either way, it’s working fine. Bob Katz eat your heart out?

I’ve seen the DrMS thing before - is it really that good?

A lot of these effects and techniques just make certain sounds turn to “mud” and get lost in a mix.

A lot of these effects and techniques just make certain sounds turn to “mud” and get lost in a mix.

Too much salt in a dish will make it inedible. Just the right amount however…

Great! Thanks a lot!

Well, regarding the delay-question in the start.

I do it often when dealing with stereo tracks/groups. But I don’t like to split/export/bounce/change my events - I just use the Nuendo Mixer Delay! You can delay the individual channels as well as leveling them - pre-panner/fader and in realtime.

In mastering I barely use stereo tools - of course MS processing (usually!) but no fancy processing and stuff.

The Nuendo Mono to Stereo or Stereo Enhancer can work nicely when trying to widen synths “around” the music ´. Or Backing-Choirs etc…