need help with Halion one PRO SET

hi all, i have a situation here… i own a cubase studio 5, and i have a friend who using Cubase 5… i in love with the cubase halion one pro set vst instrument sound, dont know why but just love it especially the “bass” sound… :astonished:

my question is : is it posible to just install the Pro set from his C5 DVD, n use it with my CS5?? i hope i dont have to upgrade to C5/C6 yet just for the sound…:slight_smile: just need the pro set, is it possible? can some one tell me how please…

thanx all, have a nice weekend

You could probably download it from your friends dvd but you won’t be licensed to run it. Unfortunately, the bass sound that you love is part of a bundle of sounds that require you to upgrade to be able to use.

well, i have no choice now, thx for the info suprawill1,