Need help with Iconica Sketch Percussion

I am struggling with setting up Percussion with Iconica Sketch. Little sample screenshot and project:

IconicaDrums.dorico (531.2 KB)

  • Cannot set 5-line staff view (always displays single lines for each instrument)
  • Changing names for percussion instruments is reflected in score, but not in percussion kit dialog
  • I don’t find a way to actually select the used instrument from the kit. Shouldn’t there be some way of selecting which instrument from Iconica Sketch to use?

As instruments I chose Sketch → Percussion and applied Iconica Sketch Expression and Percussion map in Routing. In Note Input mode there is no way to select the note/instrument.

Sorry if this as just me being new to Dorico…


IIRC the five-line staff view is set in Layout Options.
(I think I ran into this myself some time ago.)

Many thanks for that! Now that I know it kind of makes sense to look in Layout Options for changing Layout :slight_smile:

For my other problems I fixed all that by not using Sketch → Percussion as instrument in Setup mode :slight_smile: I succeeded with selecting the real instruments (Snare Drums, Cymbals and Triangles in my case) and then apply the Iconica Sketch Expression and Percussion map in Play mode.