Need help with id3 lyrics

I have a montage all set , ISRC, album name, songs, etc… i need to add lyrics per song (for the MP3 files)
What is is the method? should i put all songs lyrics in same window? is there any separators to make the correct lyric go for each song ?
Thanks in advanced

My guess is that we have to make one by one, correct ?
I mean, when rendering we have to choose single output format / selected CD track, go to metadata to id3V2 Lyrics field paste lyrics and render. And this process to all the songs.
Please correct me if there is a faster way for this.


I don’t have a answer to your question with WaveLab
I think it’s possible to insert lyrics later but not with
WaveLab I think you have use other software to do that
but maybe you can find info here:

regards S-EH

Thanks for your help. That´s what i thought!
Hopefully in a future update this can be possible.