Need help with making a specific Macro.

Hey guys

I want to make a macro that will help me a lot.
When Im working on SFX and BGs, I work with the media bay and when I find a good sound, I drag and drop it on the timeline and a new track is made.
Here is the thing. I work with template and I already have my routings with Buses and SendFX on them. So after doing all those SFX importing, I need to take everything, move it to already made folder with the routing to the SFX bus(for example). to route all the channels. It is very time-consuming.

Is there a way I can move a track into a folder and it will automatically route itself to the group inside the folder?

I’ve requested this feature. But it doesn’t exist.

Can’t you just route them all simultaneously? It’s very easy to select and route them all in one go.

Why don’t you drop the SFX on one of the SFX tracks in your template in the first place? Why would you make a new track every time you import a sound effect? Maybe I just don’t understand what you mean…