Need help with Mediabay please

Hi all
I’ve been making the move to Win 10 and it was a pain in the bum, but I’m nearly there. However, there is much content missing from Media bay.
I could post images of the problem but that might not be needed.
Steinberg Library - no Colliding Worlds or Jazz Essential
Steinberg Download Assistant - yet there they are!
eLicenser Control - clear licences for these products.
VST SOUND folder - yes, there they are! And there are more that don’t appear in Mediabay - but are definitely in the VST folder…

I’ve looked at a few ways to make this work, including reinstalling Colliding Worlds, but no luck. Can anyone help, please.

Try clicking the orange tick next to the main folder or your “Computer” folder, this should reload any missing folders. Also in the top left, make sure the “Include Folders and Subfolders” button is active.