Need Help with MIDI Mapping for Soloing Tracks in Cubase

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a project where I’ve assigned MIDI mappings from my controller to solo individual tracks in Cubase. For example, I’ve mapped pad 1 to solo track 1, pad 2 to solo track 2, and so on. The aim is to be able to perform an A/B test between tracks quickly and seamlessly.

However, I’ve encountered a certain issue. When I use pad 1 to solo track 1 and then use pad 2 to solo track 2, track 1 remains soloed instead of automatically unsoloing. This behavior isn’t quite what I’m hoping to achieve; ideally, soloing a new track should unsolo the previously soloed track.

One might suggest using the ‘solo on selected track’ option in preferences, but this doesn’t seem to apply when I’m using my assigned MIDI mappings.

Does anyone know why Cubase is behaving this way? Is there a setting or something that would allow me to have one track automatically unsolo when I solo a different one using my MIDI controller?

Thank you.

I think this is the standard way. You may want to solo other tracks as well.
What you actually want is solo-exclusive (or rude-solo). Though this can be done by Ctrl+Solo, using midi is a different story, at least if I don’t miss a shortcut.

You can create for example a project logical preset, something like this:

Or even a macro:


In a script of mine, I’ve created something pretty similar to the macro approach.

Hello @m.c,

Thank you for the quick response.

I tried the approach you suggested with the Project Logical Editor, creating a preset A to solo track 1 and a preset B for track 2, etc. Unfortunately, it had the same behavior as the MIDI approach; the previously soloed track didn’t unsolo when I executed the next preset.

So while it seems like a valid strategy, in practice it didn’t achieve the exclusive soloing behavior I was hoping for.

I’m going to give your second suggestion a try and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your help!

I was not clear enough, sorry. The suggested functions will work as long as you have selected the desired track before applying them. This means that if you’re using the midi remote assistant you probably need two different controls. One for selecting the desired mixConsole track, and the other for the rest. If, however, you’re working with a script the process can be assigned to just one control.

Hi again,

Thank you for your additional input. I understand what you’re saying about using two different controls - one for selecting the track and one for executing the function. However, as it stands in Cubase, there seems to be a limitation that poses a challenge to implementing this approach.

In order to exclusively solo a track using your suggested method, it would indeed be necessary to first select the desired track before applying the Exclusive solo function(the macro). This would inherently require that a MIDI mapping is set for the action of ‘track selection’.

After extensive search in Cubase, I’ve found that there doesn’t seem to be an option to assign a MIDI mapping directly to the ‘select track’ function. This presents a significant barrier in implementing the proposed solution, as the track selection step is critical for the exclusive soloing to work properly.

Thank you once again for your efforts in helping me resolve this issue. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The function is the “Selected” for each of the mixConsole bank’s channels, as shown here:

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H @mchantzi
Your suggestions have been extremely helpful so far. I now have the MIDI mappings set up for both ‘select track’ and ‘Exclusive solo track’, thanks to your advice.

However, I think the ultimate solution here would be to combine these actions into a single button press. This would allow me to switch between tracks with a solo exclusive effect with ease, rather than having to hit two buttons together. While that workaround is feasible, a single button approach would streamline the process considerably.

This leads me back to your mention of a scripting approach. My understanding is that with a script, I could potentially bind the ‘select track’ and ‘solo exclusive’ actions to a single MIDI button, which would be ideal. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m comfortable with coding but I’m not sure about the specifics for scripting in this context.

Can you provide some guidance on what language I should use for scripting within Cubase or interacting with Cubase externally? Any further directions or resources that you can share would be incredibly helpful.

You have to use javascript using the midi remote api.

You can start here:

From what I saw, Steinberg has some intro info there.

Note that you can get the same info by opening the lower-zone midi-remote tab, enable “scripting tools” and then select “Open MIDI Remote API - Programmer’s Guide”:


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Thank you.

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