Need help with MIDI Routing using TouchOSC

Good day everyone,
I have setup myself a nice TouchOSC template. Working perfectly so far. However I have a little problem I can’t a find a solution for.

On my TouchOSC template I have essentially a couple of faders to control CC1, CC11 etc within my Instruments tracks. I also have a couple of controls like transports, click etc to control different functions within Cubase.

In Cubase, my Instrument Tracks are on MIDI Channel 1.
In TouchOSC, the faders (CC1, CC11) are on Channel 1 but all other controls (transports, clicks etc) are on MIDI Channel 2.

So here is my problem or question:
When I start recording on my intrument track, I successfully record the CC data I want from TouchOSC, but I also record all other MIDI data (transports,clicks) even if they are configured on MIDI Channel 2.

So is there a way to setup Cubase so that on a specific Instrument track, I will record ONLY MIDI data coming from MIDI Channel 1 and ignore everything on all other channels ?

Any clarification would be much appreciated.


OK it looks like I have found the solution.
I need to use a Global Input Transformer to filter out everything but Channel 1.

So another question, is there a way to have the Input Transformer activated by default on all new Intrument tracks ?



Yes, you are, right, Input Transformer is the way to go. You could make a Track Preset with the Input Transformer included. Then you can call this Track Preset insert of creating a new MIDI Track.

Or, you can go the the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter and filter out all MIDI Channel 2 data global for all tracks.

Hi there,
don’t want to pollute your thread but I got some questions concerning TouchOSC.
I’ve seen that they released a completely new version and I’d be very interested in purchasing/using it.
However, it seems quite complicated at first.
Do you know if there’s a forum for TouchOSC users somewhere? doesn’t provide
a community place …

TIA :wink:

Thanks Martin!

TouchOSC is indeed a bit intimidating at first. But there plenty of info in their help section to help you start.

I am not aware of any forum discussing TouchOSC specifically, so I would be interested to know as well.

But I must say it is VERY powefull. It is really worth the effort to learn it. Now I cannot live without it.

Thanks Nico (?) for coming back to me.
Since they don’t mention Cubase specifically I thought I’d ask first. Being a hobbyist with very little time at hand I don’t want to dive into stuff that will take me ages to master.
But I’ll have a look anyway, since they’ve got a demo and it’s very reasonably priced.

Cheers :wink: