Need help with Mixing / Bouncing / Bussing Issues in Cubase

Bouncing is tideous for each track / Impossible to do with Midi Tracks?

Okay this is the problem that I had previously regarding bouncing tracks. I haven’t read your post yet, not sure if you included it but omg there is a ton of information here that I posted from kvr, steinberg, soundsonline, and gearslutz, trying to acquire all this information into one document and its a lot of reading today.

But anyways.

If you want me to bounce every individual track, it means that I got to do that single handly in Cubase? does anyone know of a quick and easy tool to get it done?

I bought Tape it 2 thought I didn’t use it cause I thought that there is a great advantage to using the old fashion solo, and save techqniue, takes forever though since you save as wav and you got to sit there so you can see when they are done.

Also. I recall I bounced an entire composition to separate wavs, and I discovered that that mix became messed up. From what I heard in the midi mix, some things seemed to be entirely thrown off in the wav individual mix. For instance when i imported the cymbols in cubase as waves i was like wtf, why are they so loud. THey werent like that in the mix. I was like waht was going on here. I spent all this time on velocities to get them perfectly setin the midi mix ten all of a sudden it messed up.

I sorta gave up and just saved it all together with one compiled wave as I bounced it. IT worked but I definitely can’t spend as much time mastering individual tracks.

I am veyr sure this happened its not somethign I just pulled out cause I discovered this to be a big problem. Any tips are welcomed.

Mixing Issues, How to solve them.

Problem: One problem I have discovered when I tried mixing before: Separately when I soloed each track, there is no clipping, but when together there is, its usually the bass instruments or percussion. What I have to “Fix” this is reduced all the velocities in the midi key editor in cubase. Its so finicky cause whast weird about is when its together I don’t hear the bass drum at all I want it LOUD without clipping. SO i sitll mess it up. THis happened with the choir part I added, solo it was good together it was hidden and not loud enough. So i completely reduce the velocities of the other tracks. Its painstakeningly tideous, any advice?

Application: So in terms of High pass filter and Low Pass filter, this eliminates the problem. And that way I can still hear my drum full blast without muddying things up. At least thats what I am reading.

So I assume this is the mixing stage and no compression is applied. I always a ssume a compression was during mastering not mixing, I work off of midi data mostly so I don’t even know if a compressor would work, haven’t tried it yet.

So basically i freeze them, i done it before in cubase just dont remember it, when you talk about Highband Lowband. Is that what my multiband EQ is for? Not sure why I have multiband eq and a linear band eq, its just that multiband i can lower the frequences or something, linear band is more control? See I used these wavs products and just followed a tutorial, he didn’t explain what they do he just used them. I know i need to study up on this I will when I am done trying to get a grasp on things.

And also. THis is what I have done. I mix as one file. I tried the freeze technique once, but some reason I didn’t like it so I just bounced them all to wavs and then saved that as a separate file.

Bussing Problems

Oh yeah I did try bussing once but I couldn’t figure it out.

For some reason I can bus audio to a specific channel but I can’t buss midi. I tried to freeze them but that didnt work either. Why dont they let you buss midi for effects instead of doing it separately.

I did somethign in the mixer where I linked them but I don’t know if applied the same effects.

I think i did freeze them once but I dont remember if it worked or not.

I have often worked with orchestral scores so I am just a little curious about how you group instruments.

For instance: a violin, a cello, and a contrabass, are all in the strings section but you wouldn’t group them together right? because they are all on different frequencies?

Or would you? cause how can you apply a filter to them (multiband I believe thats what we are talking about.)