Need help with my Cubase Setup for scoring

I just bought a high end PC with Ryzen 7950x and 128gb RAM.

Also have my main recording setup which is a Mac Mini Intel 6 core setup running Ableton Live.

My idea is to setup a huge orchestral & synth template on my PC and have my engineer who works on the Mac Mini Setup to record audio from my PC as I trigger different tracks on my cubase template.

I dont want to make my PC a slave and get Vienna Ensemble Pro.

My idea is to just sit on my midi keyboard (PC) and play from my template and have whatever I play recorded as audio by my engineer on my Mac Mini Setup.
My questions are -

  1. Is there a way to send audio from the PC to my Mac Mini setup without any latency through ethernet? Or ADAT? Or DANTE? or VE Pro audio streaming? Or SPDIF?

  2. When i perform some arpeggiated patterns on my PC, I would like my Cubase PC’s tempo to sync to my Mac Mini’s Ableton Tempo. Is there a way to sync the clocks over Cubase and Ableton?

Would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks a ton!

So to answer your first question, there are a lot of ways to send audio from one computer to another. ADAT is probably your easiest option. But Dante would give you a higher channel count. But it all depends on what interface you are using and how many channels you want to stream from one computer to another.

To answer your second question, having Abelton sync to Cubase I believe is possible. But having Ableton match tempo automatically is not. What I mean by that is the timecode will line up but the bars and beats won’t, unless you manually enter in the tempo changes into Ableton.

Long story short, the workflow you’re describing seems counter intuitive and expensive. Streaming lots of channels from one computer to another gets expensive very quickly.

I would recommend you sequence in Cubase, then when you’re happy with your arrangement, export a midi grid and (bounce) audio files. That way your engineer can import the midi grid and audio files and everything will be lined up.

Setting up a system to do this in real time seems very tricky and unnecessary.

Thank you so much for your time.

Is it not possible to sync up ableton and Cubase through a master midi clock or something? I don’t necessarily want the bars to line up, just want to play my arpeggios in tempo.

Also, I just need a pair of stereo outs. I don’t need multiple outs as I will be recording track by track. So one stereo out from the PC to the Mac would be more than sufficient.

Yes this is a tricky setup, but I feel if I nail this one, I can just focus on the creativity and playing my instruments without worrying about creating tracks, recording, grouping, and all the unnecessary distractions. Just wanna focus on the music. So I thought a dedicated PC with an extended template would be the only solution.
Want to think of the PC with the Cubase template as a sort of Korg Kronos with the best possible samples available and all loaded and ready to play. Just playing and sending audio to the Ableton Mac Mini setup.

Would you be playing the midi into Ableton or Cubase?

Maybe I’m a little confused as to your intended workflow.

So, the patches that aren’t arpeggiated like pads, strings, piano, harp, etc would not be recorded as midi on the PC at all. It would be triggered and directly recorded onto the Mac mini.

Only the patches that do have arpeggios like the tempo synced patches from Omnisphere, nexus, etc, I would be recording the midi on the Cubase PC, quantize it, and then record the audio to my Mac. So for this purpose I would need to sync the start/stop of Cubase and Ableton so that when the Ableton Mac hits play and record, my midi on the Cubase pc also hits play and gets recorded.

So I’ve been working in the film scoring business for over 15 years and I can’t wrap my head around this workflow, lol.

I don’t mean to be rude, I just think you’re WAYYYYY over complicating things.

Here is what I would recommend. Buy Vienna Ensemble Pro and setup your PC as a VEP server. Then use Live as your sequencer. Put all of your midi into Ableton and VEP will automatically stream all the subsequent audio back into Live over Ethernet.

This is how I work and 90% of the film scoring world works. Granted most don’t use Live as their sequencer of choice, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. All your tempo and meter changes will transfer automatically and you won’t have any sync or latency issues.

If you’re determined to work the way you’re proposing, I think you’re going to create so many headaches for yourself. Not to mention, you’d probably have to hire someone to set this up. I or someone like me could probably do that, but it just seems so counter intuitive.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you rethink this workflow.

Would you happen to know about DANTE? Cuz I found out there’s a way to send audio via Ethernet from my pc to Mac via Dante.

I know of it, and how it works in principle, but I’ve never setup a Dante system myself.