Need help with new configuration

I new here :slight_smile:
I try find somebody who can help me step by step re-configure my studio to start more efficiently.
I have problem with latency when work with Virus Ti etc…
I will try write everything here in clear way.

In my studio i have:

  • PC
  • Motu 828 MKII - FireWire
  • Virus Ti 1 Desktop
  • JP-8000
  • Yamaha CS1x (only for Midi controler)
  • AMT-8
  • TC Electronic Finalizer Wizard series
  • Active Speakers

Motu is of course connect to FireWire controler on Texas Instrument chipset.

At this moment I have all conected like this:

Motu to PC by FireWire
Virus Ti by USB
AMT-8 by USB

conections between hardware:
MIDI conections

Yamaha Midi OUT ----> Amt8 Midi IN-1
Yamaha Midi IN -----> Amt8 Midi OUT-4

JP-8000 Midi OUT —> Amt8 Midi IN-4

Virus Ti Midi OUT —> Amt8 Midi IN-2
Virus Ti Midi IN ----> Amt8 Midi OUT-2

Audio connections:
Virus Ti Output 1 L/R ----> IN 1/2 to MOTU
JP-8000 Output L/R -----> IN 3/4 to MOTU

Software Cubase 4 + Fruity Loop 8 + VSTs

I want get help with:

  1. What instal step by step (what 1st after windows , 2nd cubase ? 3rd drivers for MOTU and AMT-8 ? Virus ?)
    to computer work with best way.

2.How connect together all hardware best configuration.

  1. How configurate Cubase to best option work good with my hardware.

Rest questions I will be asked to keep

If somebody can help me I will be happy and grateful :slight_smile:
Thanks !!

Not sure on most fronts, but I’m going this route for my software installs:

After windows:

Update Windows
ALL hardware (to latest driver versions)
Update Cubase
Other VSTs
Update VSTs

I got info from one guy to install 1st after Windows Cubase , before Motu and AMT-8, because some installers drivers is constructed that it doesn’t install ASIO if it is not installed host. Only install WDM audio support in Windows sound.

Shinta is right this would be your ideal way…

Im sure you wont go to these lengths with your question but hey here it comes anyways… :laughing:

after numerous installs of diffrent versions of windows xp,vista,7 using differnt Motherboards and components.

This is how i just went about my latest builds software and instal…without sounding smug its running sweet!

i have two pcs one for the web and one for audio so prepair first if you only have the one download your motherbord drivers first or at the very least (your LAN one)

unplug/remover all external hardwear e.g motu,usb hdd’s,iloks,elisencer dongel ect

back up all your wanted deta!!!

on start of windows install deleted and re-partition your drives mainly your op system one,dont worries about others.

install windows,
(if your installing windows 7 its best to not let it connect to the web straight away as it will start to look for updates so when it asks if you want to connect choose not at this time) some might argue differnt but this way has always proved better for me.

Then install the latest motherboard drivers from manufactures website.
then enable your LAN and make sure that firewall is active…(should be anyway)

check hardware like dvd writers and hdd/ssd web pages for firmware updates all ok and suport 64bit if thats your op system.

if all good (this bit would prob be the bit your interested in)

turn on windows update and let it do its thing.
I found the most stable way to install updates was to let it download all updates it can then access the setting for auto update and change the shedual time for installing them behind what time it is.i went for 0:00.then it will set itself up to install when you power down the pc.keep repeating this utill no more updates are avalible.this way you will not incounter fails to update and half the time it takes to get them all on!
however you can just keep letting them install while windows is running but your gonna spend double the time doing it!
you should have the latest .net framework and updates…be mindfull you will need other programs like flash and adobie reader silverlight ect…but these can all be found easly.

then move on to your other devices and install one at a time.

start with your motu once its installed dissable your boards onboard audio via device manager and move on.

once all hardware is done i will install cubase/vst’s update progams and sort lisences on vst instruments ect.

then move on to disabling sevices i dont need and cuting of web access

i disable lan in the device manager and pc will not see the web untill i have a problem or need to update things because of one…u may need to keep yours on?

then just config your windows for audio and start could even try a dsp latency checker to to see how she’s running i like latencymon by resplendence it has more what i need for this…to be honist my system is working that well i have had no need for it this time…could be the spec of it i guess?

their are lots of guides and setup ways avalible on the web.

this way has prooved best for me im not saying that its 100% correct or THE way to do it but im MAJOR fussy about my DAW being in top working order…and it is so hope some of this helps as of couse all pcs are diffrent.

good luck man

Thanks guys for helping!

Andyath i will try all do from your list :slight_smile:
I use old Pentrium 4 3,2 + Motherboard Intel D915BL but in few month I will be change for i7.

But for now i want do:
I will do copy of my HDD projects , samples…
I will format my HDD full, and later i will do new partition again.
I will install Windows XP (only this i like use) with SP2 and SP3
Next I will install all computer drivers , video , motheboard etc
Connect to internet to do all windows update.
Install MOTU
Install ATM-8
Install Cubase
Update Cubase
Install FL 7 + FL 8
Install Virus (Virus should install together with VST or after MOTU ?)
Install VST
Install VST updates

after this i will connect all hardware by cables Midi and Audio and try configure Cubase.

Is good ?
Let me know please
Thanks :slight_smile:


but if theirs nothing wrong with your xp system dont bother with the re-install of it just do the other parts.
if you feel like files are missing/corrupted then do it.

If it aint broke dont fix…

okkk :slight_smile:
how look other programs like Kaspersky anti-virus on studio computer ?
.NET Framework ? must install ? others ?

or please let me know what other things need install too.
if you could me a list with programs i will be very grateful :slight_smile:

programs like this not doing problems later ?
because after windows update i want unconnect from internet my studio machine.

all the best

i dont understand what you mean?..are you asking should you use them?

if this is your question…it all depends on if your pc is connected to the web…if it is you should use some kind of anti virus program the xp ones are ok but wont stop a lot of viruses.keep in mind that an anti virus programs will slow your system and cubase down taking into cosideration your Pentrium 4.
antivirus progs regardless of your cpu are bad for that thats why most people who are connected to the web on their DAW…disconect from the internet when recording and dissable anti virus,firewalls ect.

also some programs you download have auto check for updates option when you install them.i always uncheck them and manualy check for updates as this is all adds up just running in the background.
its just a pain especialy for me how i have my services set…thats why i have a cheep little pc for the web.

like i said just before if your xp is working well dont re-install it whats the point?

if you have been using it on the web just download ccleaner from file hipo dont mess with it though,just run it on its standard settings as it is when you download it.that will get all the junk and unwanted files out of your temp folder clear a few other system junk files…windows explorer and internet explorer history cookies ect for you.

then just update some hardware drivers like the motu and midi controlers ect and look about for info on setting up your pc for audio.

if you must/are going reinstall xp to use this for your updates
my post before about the fresh install applys more if you were on windows 7
as for .net framwork dont worrie about that the windows update link i have posted will take care of that for you.

and forgive me if im explaining things you are well aware of i dont know what you know and what you dont?/ :wink:
if your realy not sure about this kind of thing and not done it before ok its good to learn…BUT maybe its best to get someone who does to do it for you.

I just wanted to add you are going to expirence some latencey with your Pentium4 cpu no matter what you do.their a decent little cpu but you wont be able to run small buffer sizes to be fair, if thats your issue…so if all this is all to try and sort that dont bother.