Need help with setup..

Ok,so i got this PCI soundcard Echo Mia Midi.I want to use it to playback all internal sounds (wavfiles,vst’s and such).

Then i also have a Line 6 POD XT (usb connected).I want to use it to record and playback my guitar.

In “device setup” It looks like i can only select one of them??

So how do i setup this so i can use both devices?


Depends on your system, which you´re not mentioning…

In “device setup” It looks like i can only select one of them??

As explained in the manual, that´s how it generally is: You can use only one ASIO driver at a time.

So you mean its not possible?!?
In the program i used before i could select the input and output sources on each track and use both devices at the same time.Similar to what you can do with midi inputs and outputs.
There has to be a way to do this in Cubase too.
I cant go back and forth doing these changes…

It is possible by using a workaround. Which is using a generic ASIO driver that “collects” several ASIO devices into one (ASIO4all in windows), You´ll have to try it, to see if it works reliably for your setup though. Otherwise you have to change back and forth or use the program you used before.
On the Mac you have to create an aggregated device.

If you’re trying out the asio4all approach, please let us know the results, I’m finding it interresting if you succeed or not.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Well,it got me one step closer…
But im not there yet…lol
I downloaded Asio4All and now both devices show up.
I have to take a closer look at this…

I think it works now :slight_smile:

The Asio4All latency is 16ms (both in and out),but thats probably ok…
Not as low as my Echo Mia but far better than the DirectX and Generic drivers…


It looks like its working the way i want now.

I can playback all sounds (wavfiles,vst.etc) using the Echo Mia output.
Then record and playback my guitar using the PODxt.
The reason i wanted to do this was because i can then record the dry signal coming from the PODxt (but still hear the wet signal) and later i can reamp the playback (of the recorded guitar) so i can change amps,fx and what not and then re-record it when i’ve found the sound i want.

This is much better than using the old approach where i had to create a quick mixdown import it into the other program,record the guitar,then import it to cubase,and then maybe some sounds weren’t right and i had to go back and forth doing these minor changes…argh…lol…
Anyway…No more of that it seems :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: