Need help with Smpte time code and ADAT transfer


Desperately need help here.
I have an old project that was recorded on 3 ADAT’s and they were sync’d to Digital Performer.
I generated time code in DP. Striped all the tapes, and then the ADAT’s were used as the master and DP was the slave.

Now, I’m migrating this project to C6. I opened all the DP files (which are all midi,) saved them as midi files and can open them up in C6. but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send the time code FROM the adats TO C6 and have C6 slave to it. The time code is on track 8 of an adat, and I have a MOTU 2408 mk2 which works fine with C6.

What are the sync settings?? will this work?? HELP!

Aha, I don’t believe you can send raw audio time-code to Cubase… Personally when I last synced Cubase with tape SMPTE I used a SMPTE to MidiTimeCode box. Cubase can receive Midi time-code (MTC) into it’s midi ports and it will then sync fine.

I have a BRC if that’s any good to you? It syncs 3 adats AND produces MTC for you.

BUT. I don’t think you need either of these things. Because you can word-clock-sync the MOTU to the ADAT (using the light pipe). This keeps things sample accurate thus there’s no drift during the recording. After recording the tracks you can line them up as best you can to the midi (cause let’s face it, if it’s 1ms out no-one will notice). The key point here is that because the word clocks are synced then there will be no drift during recording, so it’s just a sliding of the audio tracks afterwards (but make sure you group say drums from tape together to avoid them getting out of sync with themselves!).