Need help with tuning of Alto Domra

I need help. When writing a part for the Alto Domra, Dorico produces notes correctly only if I write them an octave higher than they are intended in real life. The lower note (E of the first octave) but will sound (E of the low octave) In Dorico’s case, the lower note must be written in the second octave. How can this be corrected? I played around with the plucked instrument tuning, opposite the capodaster setting, but for some reason there is no response. Changing the string tuning didn’t help either. Where is the possible solution? Thank you in advance!

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Our understanding is that the domra is an octave-transposing instrument like the guitar, so it sounds an octave lower than it is written. Is that not the case?

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I thought an Alto Domra was a sleepy lady in the alto section of a choir!
Oh wait… that’s an alto dorma.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


The alto domra is notated one octave higher than it sounds. Here is a screenshot from the textbook. In the left column is how it sounds in the right column how it is recorded. String notation.

Yes, an octave higher, but it starts recording from E of the first octave. Otherwise you have to write in the second, third and fourth octaves to play Halion.

As a result, I discovered this moment. At the moment of printing out the batch, I saw that the batch was printed one octave lower. As a result:

  1. In the score to play the instrument I need to write everything an octave higher

  2. If I put it an octave lower so that a live musician could play - when printed, the part is printed lower than is really possible. I had to go back an octave higher.

  3. I played with the settings of options in the layout (tab - performers), put a marking on the alto domra (to use the transposition of a harmonic instrument) With marking the party is transpose, but in the score all octave lower. Question, how to make, that in the score the party was correctly displayed in its octave and thus could play correctly. I hope I described the situation clearly. I am ready to add more details, if anything.

In Dorico, instruments that transpose by an exact octave (guitar, bass guitar, double bass, piccolo etc.) will show the octave-transposed pitch, even in the Full Score.

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All, I figured it out.

  1. First, you need to set C4=C4 in the transpose item (it was C3).
  2. Secondly, for displaying in the score, you need to check the box in the Full Score layout options under the desired instrument, and the score will display correctly and play correctly. :slight_smile: