Need help with unmeasured tremolo

Hi, I’m trying to use the unmeasured tremolo sounds of my library, so I setup a base switch “Tremolo” in the expression map with the according keyswitch. But Dorico never uses it regardless of the number of strokes on the single notes or the minimum number of strokes for unmeasured tremolo setup within the Playback Options.
What could be wrong here?

Welcome to the forum, @m.raetzmann. Can you attach a simple project that exhibits the problem so we can take a look? It’s much easier to diagnose these problems by looking at a project rather than trying to guess. Take a look at this thread for some other advice about how to best take advantage of the expertise of the people who read and post on this forum:

Thank you @dspreadbury for your answer (and the hint to the guidelines). Please find attached a small demo project which shows the behaviour in question. I’ve found that using a “senza sord.” in front of a single-note tremolo with three strokes leads to measured tremolo where an “ord.” leads to an unmeasured tremolo.

Tremolo Demo.dorico (477.2 KB)

Because there’s no valid endpoint setup in the project, I can’t easily tell which expression map you’re using, but I guess it’s probably EWSO 18 Violins. The unmeasured tremolo in bar 2 is already muted, so you need a playback technique combination of Muted+Tremolo defined in your expression map.

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Yes, you are right: the expression map I use is EWSO 18 Violins. But I don’t understand why bar 2 should be muted as “senza sord.” means “without mute”. Bar 2 should be unmuted again in my opinion (after a preceding “con sordino” which means “muted”).

Sorry, yes, you’re right. The problem is not quite what I said it was: the “senza sord.” playing technique is set to produce the “Open” playback technique, which is not the same as “Natural” produced by the “ord.” playing technique. I suggest you edit the “senza sord.” playing technique (via Library > Playing Techniques) to use the “Natural” playback technique.

Hi Daniel - funny, our messages have just crossed. This is what I was typing just before I read your message:
Think I’ve got it now: “Open 1” the underlying Playback Technique for “senza.sord.” is just another playback technique for Dorico. Dorico does not know that “Open 1” is the same as “Natural” for my use. So I have to set up a Playback Technique Combination for “Open 1 + Tremolo” in my Expression Map or route “senza.sord.” to “Natural”.
Thanks for your answering. Just a last hint: the lower zone displays the label “Playing Techniques” under the piano roll. In my opinion this should be “Playback Techniques”, right?

It’s arguable, certainly. Typically the playback techniques are given rise to by playing techniques, but not exclusively so.