Need help with VST/presets and permissions for users


Yesterday I installed my new computer and hardware. My install procedure was to first log in to the admin account, then install Cubase 6.5 from the DVD, then update to Cubase 7. I try it out. Everything works wonderfully as expected.

My goal in win7 is having an admin account only for installs/updates/settings and a user account where I use Cubase and do other personal work.

I log in to my user account. Start Cubase 7. Everything works except for there’s no VST-presets nor accompanying data. For instance, I can’t load a preset in Retrologue and add a church reverb in Reverence, because there are no presets and the impulse response can’t be located. (This, as I implied, works on the admin account.) I read about the eLicencer-update and rescanning the Media library (which I did), but I THINK this has to do with some permission settings that I’m unable to find. Naturally, if I right click and run cubase7.exe as administrator, it works from inside my user account (but that’s not what I want.)

I hope I posted this in the right place and that it’s not too stupid of a question!


Copy the presets to the correct User folder.