Need help !!!!

I got Cubase artist 9 a week ago and was wondering is there a hard copy manual for this ? I know that there are tutorials within the program but when ever I press for the video I get and error message thus I cant see anything . Having problems with the mix console when it involves midi files it seems I am unable to control volumes as if there locked and when I had Cubase 5 had no such issues . Is there any online classes or tutorials specifically for this product ?

Hi and welcome,

There is an offline manual, you can download it from

Regarding the video, make sure, you have the latest Qucik Time Player installed, please.

Regarding to MIDI, make sure, there is no MIDI CC written in the track, which would overwrite your fader settings.

There is plenty of video tutorials. You can start on the official Steinberg YouTube channel.

Quicktime only advisable if you are on mac…

if on pc, VLC player is really nice…

But Cubase video engine is based on the Quick Time engine (both, Mac and Windows). So you need to install the Quick Time Player to get the engine. Or do you get the Quick Time engine with the VLC?

oh, seems i misunderstood…

thought he was talking about some tutorial videos or whatever in cubase… lol

Or I’m wrong… :slight_smile:


either way, I think that his problem is solved… this way or that :stuck_out_tongue:

Had the same problem, try this:
open quicktime player (in my case it crashed)
restart pc
open quicktime, if it opens with no problem try now opening CB9