Need Hotfix To Be Issued, Big Snow Expected in NE USA

Well, starting tomorrow I will be stuck in the house for a few days while 12 - 24 inches of snow falls in New England USA. What a perfect time for Steinberg to issue a nice “Hotfix” for CB 8.0.5. Plenty of time to download, install, and mess with it. Well Steinberg, what say you?

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I say that unless you have a generator, you ain’t d/l-ing didley friggin’ squat!

Good point… :laughing:

Maybe Steinberg would be so kind to issue the hotfix today so I can start to mess with it before loosing power. As of now they are predicting 24 to 36 inches. The media has already named it the “Blizzard of 2015” and the storm has not even formed yet. Give me a break. :unamused:

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Here you go! You and Jeff can share it.

(I think Jeff is up by NYC)

The snow has started here in the Philadelphia area. Only 10“ in forecast though. :cry:

That is going to make one huge bonfire! Nice :wink:

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Luckily, my area “only” received about 12 inches of snow and no power outages so I do have some extra time to download/install/and play with a CB “hotfix” if Steinberg would be so kind to issue one today. :wink:

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Down here we got a dusting. Bummed out. They were saying 19", by yesterday afternoon 6-12 and by this morning we had 1 inch! Thank gawd I didn’t go out drinking last night thinking I would have the day off! :laughing:

When we have power outages, I use a spare car battery that I have on hand & keep charged up…then I take a cigarette lighter inverter, (12 V DC to 120 V AC) and plug that into a “Y” adapter, two big clips on one end for the battery posts, and a female 12 volt power adapter for my inverter. I bring it into the house when needed to watch our TV shows on a 24" LED TV :smiley:

Or I have a 120 volt portable generator too if needed…fire it up and run a cord into the house.

Perhaps Steiny should issue these for New Englanders…


It has a bug:

Seriously we get the same amount of snow/ice weekly in Montreal since December and it’s much colder…

Toughen up guys :smiley:

just to mention. here in europe everything is much warmer then before. F.e. even up untill today very few days with frost. Bizar…

Look at this:

You guys need to study on building iglo’s. We will have to buy new swimming suits.

But thank you for that if you are feeling responsible for it. Me happy! Some nice florida experiences are awaiting for us in the future in this for the rest and up untill now very wet environment !

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Yea, but you guys can hibernate in that underground mall thingy. :wink:

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