Need more RAM - Solutions for Cubase 32bit

I am using Cubase 32bit under WIndows 7 (64bit) and I’m recently experiencing troubles with program crashes, which I believe are caused by the RAM limit of 32 bit applications.

Do I have to change to Cubase 64bit in order to use more RAM, or is there any other smart solution available?

I read that there exist patches which would allow programs running under 32bits to adress more than 4GB RAM.
But only if the program is using “Address Windowing Extension”.
Didn’t find infos if Cubase would be a candidate for such a patch (?)

If this is not an option - would I be still able to use 32 Plugins and VSTi’s with VST Bridge or J-Bridge and what would that mean for the performance?

Is there finally no other reasonable way, then to go 64bit all the way?

I would so much prefer a solution for my 32bit version to escape this kind of installing-nightmare.

Your ideas and experiences will be really appreciated!

First you must be sure this issue is caused by ram usage. You can be sure if the issue only happens when you use near 4gb of ram with cubase. Some plugins might cause issues at the 2gb limit but not sure about that. On another note I use Jbridge with 100% satisfaction for the few 32bit plugins I still use with CB8 64.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to move to Cubase 64bit, the programme just works better. 32 bit plugs work fine although Jbridge is a bit better than C8’s native VST Bridge. You can keep all your settings too.

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Hi there, I am not sure here, but isn’t it so that using 32bit plugs under 64bit cubase will use more cpu than using everything (both plugins and cubase) in pure 64bit?

i would also recommend using 64-bit in case most vendors offer 64bit plugins. I use 32 bit plugs with jbridge in the 64bit setup - no problem. You can also automap the bridged vstis.
I use win10 and had to increase ram from 16gb to 24 gb and the only problem was that with an upgraded win8.1 the installation had a problem - everthing was not smooth. After a new install with win10 all is perrfect - plenty of tracks, vstis and effects.

Thanks everybody for sharing your experience with me. Yes, I am sure it is a RAM issue. It only occurs when projects are growing (too) large. It is great to know that 32bit plugins will work fine with JBridge on CB-8 64bit. In fact I already installed the 64bit version in the meantime and was really surprised that I instantly found some working 32bit VSTis in the list of instruments. Maybe the VST-Bridge is automatically working in the background? Is there any known disadvantage in using bridged plugins. Like f.e. that more cpu-power is used like OnkelGrusom suggested?

About using the same prog-settings (key-shortcuts, studio environment etc.) - Can I simply copy/paste the 32bit xmls?

All in all it looks like switching to 64bit is quite a bit easier than I thought. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your support.

No disadvantage. Only the build in bridge is less stable with some plugins. Jbridge is maintained constantly. He just fixed an issue I had with running UAD1 plugins for me. Plus even if a plug crashes it doesn’t take down Cubase with it.

Why not testing both CB32 and CB64 side by side on the same machine with the same plugins? That way you can verify for yourself if it is worthwhile… Also you would be comparing properly… I can say my machine works flawlessly on 64b… but that is not the same platform to compare your tests with… You can run both versions with the same license btw.

Good luck!

I have now both up and running. The 64bit version works fine, it only seems that it needs quite a bit more CPU power even without bridged plugins. But the advantage of having the possibility to work with several resource hungry VSTis while arranging is well worth it. Finally the change was less adventurous than I thought and I’d recommend it to anyone who has similar issues. Thanks everybody for your help.

This shouldn’t be the case…I would check that all settings are the same and also confirm with a new project rather than one started in your 32bit version.

Strange: I find that Cubase 64 with 64 bit plugins uses less cpu than Cubase 32 using 32 bit plugins under a 64 bit os