Need new Activation Code(s) or re-activation Cubase LE 7


I’ve just purchased a new Zoom H4n Handy Recorder and received bundled with it a coupon to install Cubase LE 7 and a Download Access Code comprising 20 alphanumeric characters in blocks of 5 chars separated by hyphens.

I downloaded the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center.

I went to the Steinberg web site and after entering the Access Code I downloaded the PC version and installed it on one of my PCs, a Dell laptop. I ran the eLicenser Control Center and saw the installed Softe-Licenser with its unique ID. I entered the Download Access Code and received my Activation code comprising 32 alphanumeric characters in blocks of 4 chars separated by spaces. I was able to run Cubase LE 7 and all good so far.

A few hours later, I decided that I wanted to remove the licence from my Dell laptop and instead install Cubase LE 7 on my more powerful Asus i7. I went through the same procedure but I’ve been frustrated ever since.

After I did the Cubase LE 7 installation, in the eLicenserCC I could see the installed Softe-Licenser & new unique ID. I registered the new Licenser and received the same Activation code as above. But when I enter this into the Enter Activation Code button it tells me that this code has already been used and I need to contact my vendor (bought the Zoom over the Internet from eGlobal in HK).

I read the Forum faq and posts but some of the commands appear to be for older versions of the eLicenserCC since I couldn’t find the “Reactivate” button etc.

In the eLicenserCC, in “Remove Licence” menu option remains grey when I highlighted the Cubase LE 7 licence in the Licenses list.

I went to the Steinberg MyProducts web site and deleted the licence and then tried to register the new installation licence on my Asus i7 PC using eLicenserCC but tells me that the Activation code is already allocated. I then spent hours going around and around getting nowhere trying to get a new activation code for the Asus i7 PC. :angry:

I then uninstalled my Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit installation from the Dell laptop but still can’t deactivate my License from the old Dell laptop.

I logged into the user forum and it talks about having to “reactivate” or request a new activation code but can’t find any commands either on the web site or the eLicenserCC.

Help anyone? :question:

cheers Claudio