Need new monitor(s) */- touchscreen and hybrid tablet sys


Currently on W7 however W8 will be installed over the coming months.

Main use for PC is DAW (digital audio workstation)/music production work on a home hobiest basis (Cubase 7 etc). I always use a two monitor set up one for the main editing work and the second for controlling mixer/virtual instruments and so on.
Can a touchpad system be used as a second monitor for controlling/viewing the main PC rig. So have 1 monitor on the main PC tower/rig for running and viewing the DW and a touchscreen tablet for controlling some elements of the software running on the main rig and also doubling as touchscreen monitor for the main rig. But this would mean it would be displaying the OS and programs running on the main PC system. This would mean the touchscreen tablet integrating with the main system acting as a hybrid, may not be possible I don’t know? :slight_smile:

Currently have a 22’’ Samsung monitor with 2ms response time. This monitor is starting to fail (takes 20 - 40 mins to heat up, stop the screen from flickering and get bright/stable enough to see). Current Graphics card is DVI (ATI14850) but will probably replace again in a years time so HDMI option would be useful.

Is it possible to get a
I am totally out of touch with current technologies and was going to get a bulk standard 24" monitor.

Can you nice and knowledgable chaps please help guide me with some HD monitor receommendations to look at in order of preference:

  1. A standard plasma/lcd/led TV that can be doubled as a monitor
  2. Good quality but sub £300GBP/$450USD
  3. Touchscreen multipoint monitor should I go that way appreciate price will probably be over £300GBP/$450USD
  4. A cheap (£100GBP/£150USD) standard monitor and get a touch tablet to double up as a second screen/intereface/portable system.

Afetrthought can the mixer in Cubase7 be used on a touchscreen monitor - ie fader control instead of using mouse?

Thanks guys

Found so far :
(Yet to be released)

for multitouch stuff (using all your finger) cubase is not ready yet ! even if you have multipoint touch screen you can only use one finger with cubase for now !

Ah ok I was starting to wonder if it is more in the technology than the software, starting to think about it after your post I realised that multipoint would involve softwre being able to utilise more than 1 mouse movement (so to speak) simultaneously. However surely a simple midi controller app can overcome this limitation by usingthe touchscreen portion of the monitor as a midi controller. After all midi controllers can activate more than one controller on a mixer or gui simultaneously.

This has got to be a great feature moving forward with W8.

if you have iPad “Lemur” is very good !

No Im not an apple user fortunately or unfortunately.