Need some help (Pitch Issues)

Hi there, im using cubase 10.5 pro Updated, and scarlet 8i6 gen3 interface, all my midi and audio samples that im loading into cubase transposing down… ive checked everywhere reinstalled cubase and interface Drivers, checked interface & Cubase Sample Rate they on 44. will appreciate if you guys can help, im using cubase from Sx3 and never had this issue before… Thanks and have a good day.

Hi and welcome,

Most of the time, this is result of non-matching Cubase and Audio Device sample rate. But you said you have double-checked this, right?

What does the screenshot says? What would you expect and what do you get instead?

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: yeah I have checked sample rate matching the photo shows the pitch of a dry midi D notes as you can see it’s all over the place, the issue with audio and midi sounds the same before exported to audio :confused: weird issue


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Can you post a screenshot of the project setup window?


Yes, I would also say it’s the sample rate issue. But AndreyV sounds convincing… If you are going to attach the screenshot, attach also your Audio Device Panel screenshot to see the sample rate there, please.

It is a samplerate issue. If the samplerates in this project match, then the file is on 48 kHz and not converted correctly to the 44,1 kHz project samplerate.

Hey Guys hows it going ? i have attached few screenshots of my project and interface settings.
ive checked again all samples, im using only 44.100 24 bit wave files, also martin i’ve checked in safe mode nothing changed…
, Thankyou for your time guys Appreciate you trying to help, im realy confused and frustrated now i did all i can think of with no results… :confused:

the closest -2%

Convert the file from your first post to 48 kHz, do not change anything else. Does it play in tune? the pitch change of not exactly 1 semi-tone is a typical 48 kHz vs 44,1 kHz thing.

thats what it does… completly off


What is the source for the VariAudio? Is it an Instrument track playing on one note? Or is it an Audio source playing D (how are you sure, it was really a perfect D)?

its Bassline in midi coming out of serum All in D without any pitch modulation or anything that can do pitch shiffting, serum also not cracked


Did you Render in Place or Export the Audio or how did you get the Audio please?

If this would be the sample rate mismatch issue, I don’t think you would see it on the exported audio file like this.

hi martin i did both render and wave export with same results, (the last posted photo shows exported WAV format on 48 kHz 24 bit as svennilenni requested)