Need some help with Marker track

Hi, I need to control the marker track form a midi foot controller. anybody knows if is it posible?
My needs are to control the position of the counter bar with each pedal, in other to use as a playlist. In a example, I need to set marker 1 inside Nuendo with the pedal 1 of my foot controller and go on.
Is it posible to programing this on Nuendo 7.

Many thanks, Jesús Calabuig.

I dont think that I realy understand what you want to do…There are Midi Translators (Bome Midi Translator Pro for example). With help of any such tool you can map any midi command to any Nuendo keycommand or even mouse click.


Hi Oswald, my problem is as I tell you know- I use my Nuendo 7 with an steinberg MR816 to send all the signals from my guitar efxs to my guitar amp system. the thing is I need to control all the mixer automatation from my midi foot controller.
To do this the only thing I though it was use the markers as a cue list. You know what I mean?
If this works I only need to map the marker jump to the right puss pedal in my controller.
Then I will manage every guitar signal to the amps. For example, I use 4 guitar amps. I could switch on 3 and mute the forth. All this from the Nuendo mixer.

I know is rear, but by know to me it would be the best option.

Normally, I use the nuendo in my studio but now I had started a rock band and I need to do all this to control all my efx in realtime.

Manu thanks, Jesús.

Hi Jesus

Do I understand you right:
Nuendo should get the command “locate next marker” (what you call “marker jump”) and that command should come to Nuendo through a midi command?
I still think that you need a third party Midi Translator like Bome. He will be able to map any midi CC xx to any Nuendo keycommand.
I would not know how to do that in Nuendo.


Hi Jesus
Not quite sure how your input pedal works…is it a switch type or continuous controller

Either way, assuming your pedal outputs a MIDI controller…
Device Setup/
Add [Click “+” top left] a Generic Remote panel
Map it to your Midi controller [i.e. select the controllers MIDI source in the Midi Input & Midi Ouput]
Assuming this is a New panel that you have just added, or that you don’t use the Generic Remote for anything else, you can delete any entries that are in the 2 panels. Just select the uppermost entry in the top panel, press Delete, and continue until the panel is empty. [This will also delete the equivalent entries in the bottom panel.]
Now Add 1 instance, which will be placed in the top and bottom panels.

Essentially, Generic Remote maps an input [top panel] to a Nuendo function [bottom panel].
Each instance in the top panel is directed to the same instance in the bottom panel. So entry 1 top is directed to entry 1 bottom, etc.

So, in the top panel, enter the controller event/channel/Address [=Controller No.] that will come from your pedal.
The “Control Name” will allow you to enter a meaningful name for your action, and this will be copied to the bottom panel when the mapping is complete.
Now, in the bottom panel, under “Device”, select “Command” from the dropdown. So you are now mapping your controller event from your pedal to some command in Nuendo.
Next, Under “Channel/Category”, select “Transport” from the dropdown…you should now see where we are going!
Finally, under “Value Action”, you are offered the available commands from the “Transport” submenu.
Included here are events like “Locate Next Marker”, “Locate Previous Marker” etc.

There are further options available [flags], but this should certainly get you started…

Wow. I didnt know that. Thanks andyoc.

Hi Andyoc, many thanks for your help. It sounds great what you say. I’m gonna try it.