Need some help with tempo

Ok Im trying to figure out how to switch tempos during a song.
What Im trying to do exactly is use a midi file of drums and bass and export them from GuitarPro to midi files.
I then use those midi files in Cubase 5 with VSTi (addictive drums and a bass plugin).

In the past I have done this to make more natural sounding backing tracks so I can jam guitar with them and have never come across a tempo issue before.

The songs intro is 72,then verse is 102 and chorus is double time.
Now in GuitarPro the tempo changes fine as it should, but when I export it I think it just stays at the initial tempo of 72. It will never change.

I’ll admit I only know the basics of cubase and not good when tinkering with midi stuff.
So is the a simple way to fix this? I have tried googling this but at the same time Im not good at knowing correct terms or what IO even need to be looking for to remedy this, or if its even possible.

The song is My Michelle by Guns N Roses from appetite for destruction CD.
Cubase 5
Addictive drums v1 or 1.5,dont remember
Bass VSTi plugin
Guitar Pro v5

I know I have gotten no replies but I figured it out by accidently hitting ctrl+t. That did exactly what I needed for adjusting tempo.