need some help with the stereo in

heyy yall,
when i play on my bass and cubase is open its show that its on the stereo in channel the thing is that i want it to play on another channel… how can i do it?!

You can treat two inputs as two mono channels or one stereo pair.

You set that up in VSTconnections. You usually have to delete the existing bus and create the new ones.

It won’t let you use an input/output more than once.

Hi there,
I have a similar problem.
I am trying to do something which I thought would be straight forward, however I find myself unable to succeed. I only want to record my electric guitar via a mike placed in front of my amplifier.
I am using the Scarlet solo interface.

I start by opening an empty project. The no matter what combination of mono/stereo in/out bus or track I select I seem to always end up with one channel only when playing back the recording.

Any hope for a step by step guidance on that?

thank you.

Record it on a Mono track.

Guitar and mic recordings should be mono but they output to stereo and can have fx that put out stereo.

You could render the mono track with fx to a stereo track to save resources if you need to.

Tacman7, jgrnfld ,

Thank you both for getting back to me on that.

I did set the bus in and out to mono. But whether creating a mono or stereo track I still end up with the sound only coming out on the left channel of my headphones.

I found a YouTube vid showing a mono track being transformed into a stereo recording by first duplicating the mono track.
Then doing some other stuff I forgot now. But is that the only way to get over this hurdle with Cubase?

Thank you

What is that exactly that you did?

Delete the stereo bus input in VSTconnections and create a mono input and set it to where your instrument is?

Also, you don’t want to output to mono, you output to stereo.

A mono track with a mono input will output to both channels unless the pan is all the way one way or the other.

Thanks again for trying to help, much appreciated. I will try again following your advice and let you know how I get on. Thanks