Need some help

OK I have been using Cubase for somet8me and really haven’t got used to how use it because even with a high spec pc Cubase crashes.

I dele in orchestral music.

If 8 use the te:plate for full orchestra.

I import my midi project that I have placed my project on.

As per a previous post this time I haven’t joined all of the squares that contain midi data together art it was suggest that is what you need to do.

OK I have done that. However my project is bloated like anything. Ie 20mb just for the cpr file.

My questions that now can Cubase work with on orchestral score template with flutes 1 & whereby I have to merge the terraces from 3 into one lane. The VSTi says 3 instruments. I am now looking a merging down the strings into 2 lanes.

Am I do8ng something wrong or is this a power hungry piece of software that needs more than double the recommended memory. As far as I can see I am unable to use this software to produce a completed project useless I split my project into 4 parts ie one project for strings, one for brass,one for woodwinds and one for percussion. Doing this has implications if say an extra bar is added to percussion but not to the corresponding project.

My spec is below and the VSTIs are Philharmonik 2.


Hi there,

There are so many possible parameters involved here…
So I do not think anyone can pinpoint this issue right away to a specific cause without some investigation details. Here is how I would approach this:

To look for a root cause you could try to copy your project to a test project an run that in Cubase with the philharmonik vsti disabled/not loaded (instead use some lightweight bogus sounds in your large project) Does it run okay technically? If it does then the philharmonik plugin could be the causing the issue.

  • Look in the manual of the plugin what the recommended system requirements are.

Now run the original project with the plugin loaded:

  • press f12 in cubase to show the performance monitor and see how your harddisk is doing
  • press Ctl-shift-escape to show the windows performance monitor. How much memory do you have left when the project has been loaded in cubase?

Im not an expert on the Philharmonik 2. Im using another orchestral library, but my plugin would not run on your i7 machine. My library requires at minimun the use of ssd disks and a crazy 32Gb internal memory to do some cool full orchestra stuff, but the Philharmonik plugin could be much more smarter and efficient