Need some thoughts (is this a good move?) are there any other options i'm not aware of?

Right now I’m All in the box, I own a UR824 interface and I’m running cubase 11 on a Mac, but I’ve decided to get some outboard gear : A Pré amp ( Drawmer 1970 i think it’s perfect as it has 3 different input sections cuz mainly I only record 2 tracks max at a time) through this preamp i can record vocals, Stringed instruments, bass, guitar. and a bus compressor for my stereo bus ( Drawmer 1978 Stereo Bus Fet Kompressor ) . and a Qcon icon control surface. I was thinking of getting an analog mixer for summing but I there’s no way i can live without recall, I go through many mixed of many different projects everyday, so it didn’t make sense to me to get an analog mixer for my workflow.

I don’t get why you are considering an analog mixer for summing?
(I might just bi missing the complete picture??)
Don’t you have enough available inputs on your UR824 to get your outboard gear’s outputs back “in the box” and do your summing there (with the benefits of ‘total recall’…) ?

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I was just considering the hand’s on mixing experience, being able to reach to an EQ and Volume in the same time and just developing muscle memory. but yeah as You said no recall. the Control surface I think would be fine.

Just for future reference; if someone says “analog summing” I think of someone who literally wants that, and not mixing on an analog console (i.e. not moving faders). If that’s what you actually wanted then you could deal with recall by getting an analog summing box that doesn’t give you many options for summing other than left/right balance. With one of those you just send a signal into it and you get stereo out. Nothing to recall really.

If you actually want to mix then I kind’a think a great controller is better than an average mixer in terms of sound quality. Then again, if you like fiddling with knobs and tactile feedback a great mixer is… well… great… apart from sometimes not having recall that is…