Need subtitle and two video windows support

Hello. My request is very simple. I’ve been doing voice-over projects for many years and Cubase seems to be the best choice so far. But it will be perfect if I can have supports for subtitle (.srt, for example) and two video windows, one for the editor (myself), and one for the voice talent (on another monitor in another room) so we can “understand” the actual timing, facial expression of the actor, subtitle or other visual cues that I might add into the video, etc. It will be very helpful and I believe it is easy to add these features. You know that the voice-over market is growing so it will be a great opportunity for the company also (because Cubase is much better than other software, especially free ones, when it comes to working with audio professionally). Please consider. Thank you in advance.

Nuendo would be an even better choice because, it has subtitle feature I’m pretty sure… or maybe that is built into Nuage?

Thank you. I have two requests, the important one is having 2 video windows, because adding subtitle into the video is easy (hard-sub). Actually, having two windows can solve the subtitle issue also, but if they will add this feature into Nuendo and I have to spend 700-800 bucks for it, I would rather buy another small monitor and split the signal instead, that will be much cheaper and I can use the second monitor for other purposes too. Of course there can be multiple solutions to one issue, so thank you for sharing.

I think splitting a monitor makes more sense and is what most people probably do. It also won’t require power from your computer to just split a video signal.