Need this to my other computer. How?

Hello guys, how i can add my Cubase LE to my PC, i have it on
my laptop, but i want it too on my PC, i want to keep it on my laptop,
and get it on my PC, this is my question. (I am not sure is it Cubase AI or LE,

Your version of Cubase has it’s license stored on a soft eLicense. Meaning the license is installed on the device hard drive. In that case you can only run Cubase LE on that one device.

That brings up a question… Can the soft eLicense for a “free” version of Cubase (like LE or AI) be put on a USB eLicenser like Cubase Elements can? :question:

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Yes, it can.

Good to know…

Taavi… so there is a way to install your Cubase LE to a 2nd device but, you would have to purchase a usb eLicense dongle and move the license to it. Then you would be able to use your Cubase LE on the device you have the usb dongle connected to.

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