Need to be able to turn off "scanner" of VST plugins.

I’ve got a few 64 bit plug ins that get “blacklisted”. They work perfectly fine under Nuendo 7 (64 bit), and are 64 bit plug-ins.

Is there a way to boot Nuendo 8 without it scanning VSTs and blacklisting? If not, please add this option.

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of these plugins. Most of the time though what is being blacklisted is stray dlls and redundant VST2 versions of the plugins. Do they show up in your DAW? If not then that means that they misbehaved during the scan, meaning that they could cause a crash.

SB is not going to turn off plugin scanning. Errant plugins are the #1 cause of crashes for which the DAW developer almost always gets the initial blame. From SB’s perspective, they are putting the criminals in jail. Just because you/we think the criminals are not that bad, SB isn’t going to put up with them in their house.