Need to control Cubase from another room?

Hi! My problem is when recording alone an acuostic guitar from another room. I have the computer in a room but the microphone in another room for better acoustics. But after pressing record in Cubase (10 Pro) I dont have time to run into that other room, put on my headphones and start playing to the song (with pre recorded drums, etc) before its too late… Can I delay the start of the recording for a minute or so? I cant add bars because it uses a Tempo Track do adding bars messes with the TT… How would one accomplish such a typical task? Should be a common problem among lonly home recorders…

Regards from Robin

I use an ipad with Lemur (I’ve built my own custom cubase control surface for it) It is connected over wi-fi. Works really well.

Have you got a tablet you can use via wifi? If so you can get the Cubase iC Pro app - you can undo/re-record etc too then, very well featured.

There’s plenty of less featured ‘generic’ free options that can run via a tablet/phone also. Metagrid is a very popular paid solution as it can double up as a control surface when your by the desk too.

I have a tablet with android (samsung) and hooked up to my my home wi-fi setup using a router. But I can buy another if needed! I have Cubase 10 pro on a Win 10 64-bit machine.

Ill try that Cubase app to control my compter, that would be super sweet if it can work. Then i can sit next to the mic in my living room and still record on the computer in the other room. Thanks for a great tip! I start on rhat next, super cool feature! Thumbs up man!

For Android you can use the App TouchDAW.
This works quite well.
Have fun

Wireless keyboard?
Insert bars…
there’s also a pre-count that you can extend with x bars, its somwhere in the click configuration. (if i remember correctly, not behind daw)

Simple solution is the SKI remote from Steinberg for iphone or ipad.
Better for my needs- my Frontier Tranzport. It has a footswitch for dropins and no WIFI reliance. Unfortunately they are no longer made and hard to get but I’m not sure what I’m going to do if it ever stops working for self recording. iPad is laggy on WIFI and no footswitch solutions that I know of - unless enlightened here

I have several solutions that I use.

Having moved to a Mackie MCU, I put my CMC controllers in the live room. I also have a VGA splitter which allows me to have a monitor in both the live room and vocal booth.

In the vocal booth, I use an iPad with the SKI remote.

As a fail safe if there’s a problem with either of those, my keyboard and mouse are wireless so I can just carry them into whatever room if need be.

Hi all

A wireless keyboard is an inexpensive solution, IC Pro also works well.

Best Regards, Dave

A wireless NumPad is really all you need, for transport control.
Maybe a Bluetooth one, they usually have more reach.

Frontier Design Trazport.Been working great for years.

+1 on the iPad and iC Pro.

awesome post !
+1 for all

Yep, I use the Cubase IC Pro remote control app on an old iPhone. Only thing I have to make sure is that the phone is on the same network because I have a few networks in my place. Quick and easy, works a treat. I use it a lot for remote recording and also for rehearsing as well.