Need to Convert old SNG and ARR files

Hey all,

I’m currently on Cubase 8. However I need to figure out a way to open old ARR/SNG files from vst32 (2003). I’m running Yosemite so a mac option doesn’t seem to be possible. I do have a windows laptop however. Do any of you guys know if SX3 (which seems to be able to open older files) runs in Windows 8?

If that’s not possible, what other options would y’all recommend?


If you have access to an old XP system, you can install SX3 on it, then just zip the folder in Program Files and copy it over to Windows 8, unzip it somewhere (don’t install) and run the exe.

Thanks. I have an XP64 system. Will that work? So if I follow.

  1. DL sx3 (from where?)
  2. Install on the XP system
  3. Zip the Steinberg/Cubase Folder
  4. Copy it to Windows 8
  5. Unzip
  6. Run the EXE

Is that right? Do I need another version of cubase installed on the windows 8 system.

Try it.

Read the sticky at the top of this forum: Cubase VST Song import


No, just the latest eLicenser driver.

Probably not a supported method, but I’ve done it this way on Windows 7x64 and it doesn’t mess up the system, for example by installing an ancient eLicenser driver, or old VST plugins.

So you’re saying I can do it all on the win xp system? If I can get it on that, I wouldn’t need to transfer to 8…right?


Most of us no longer have XP systems so the zip file bit is just a convenience really, seeing as its only purpose is file conversion, but yes, if you own a working XP that will do the job. As I say, I’m not sure about XP64 though …

I just tried. Install went smoothly on the XP system, but my ilok dongle isn’t being read correctly. [edit] Ilok is seen fine, just the cubase 8 license isn’t effective authenticating cubase 3. I have a cubase 8 pro license but for some reason its not being read as a cubase lic. When I check it on XP I get a “unknown program” message, whereas on the Mac it shows up correctly as a cubase 8 pro licence.


I assume you mean USB eLicenser?

The installation on XP will have installed an ancient version of the eLicenser driver/database, so get the latest version of the eLicenser to support XP and install that on the XP machine over the existing one. That should hopefully allow your Cubase Pro 8 license to be validated for use with Cubase SX3.

Ah thanks. Yeah, the elicenser. .

I am having a similar problem getting Cubase SX3 to recognize my Cubase Elements 8 license. This is all on windows 7. I tried un-installing and re-installing SX3, but it does not see my Cubase Elements 8 license as valid for authorizing SX3.

I would appreciate any insights. If an Elements 8 license will not work, I’d like to know that before I waste more time trying to authorize SX3


A Cubase Elements 8 license is not sufficient to allow you to run Cubase SX3. The equivalent at the time was Cubase SE3.

hi there
i have an aTARI ST running Cubase 2.01
im trying to find the highest compatible version that will load songs from the atari platform so here i am with the same question

i also have a cubase elements 8 license on USB Elicenser aswell;
does that mean that i can download + authorize SE3 with my elements 8 license? and accomplish the song conversion with Cubase SE3?

additionally i also own a copy of Cubase SL2 on USB Elicenser;
will that work for converting the songs?
or do i need to have Cubase SX3? exact version?

That’s MIDI-only so assuming you’ve been able to transfer the actual “.ALL” files, then any version and edition up to and including SX3 will load and allow conversion.

i also have a cubase elements 8 license on USB Elicenser aswell;
does that mean that i can download + authorize SE3 with my elements 8 license? and accomplish the song conversion with Cubase SE3?

Yes, not from that link (which is only an update) but from the one in the sticky at the top of this forum:
Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4 and later: a solution

additionally i also own a copy of Cubase SL2 on USB Elicenser;
will that work for converting the songs?
or do i need to have Cubase SX3? exact version?

SL2 will work but I don’t know any easy way to get the installation media. Use SE3 from the above link instead, for MIDI-only it will do just fine.

im trying to run SE3 right now; i have my elicenser plugged in; its not working;
maybe i just need to reboot after having installed SE3;

i really wish i could upgrade my SL2 license to SX3 somehow
there was an SX3 upgrade for sale on ebay the other day but someone grabbed it up
while i was wondering if it would work to upgrade my SL2;

do you think steinberg would even let me upgrade frm SL2 to SL3?
SL2 is such a strange place to have a license sitting at;

its not working;
i downloaded the Cubase SE3; installed it;
im on Windows 7 64bit
using Elicenser control center
with my USB Elicenser which has Elements 8 License on it;

i rebooted after installing it;
still says no valid license;
do i need to install a different version of the elicenser app?
i get the same error with both of my Elicensers;
the one with SL2 on it;
as well as the one with Elements 8 on it;
please advise???

according to the chart info on this page:

se3 was the most compatible of the 3; but i guess any S3 will not work with any S2 level license; so my SL2 will not allow me to use SE3 for song conversion

Download and install the latest eLicenser software from here. It’s possible that installing such an old product as SE3 has also installed a very old eLicenser version which doesn’t recognise the licenses on your USB-eLicenser.

If that still doesn’t work, contact Steinberg support (via MySteinberg) and ask if you can get the download for SL2. You might also enquire about options to upgrade either of your current licenses. Be very wary of “upgrades” on auction sites!

be wary of finding a boxed upgrade you mean? so they wont work at all? because yea; i was kind of remotely holding on to a hope of being able to upgrade my SL2 license some other way;

i emailed yamaha/steinberg last night explaining to them that i own like 4-5 different older cubase licenses; and i woke up just now to an email saying basically “cant help you” they wouldnt add my licenses from the 1990s to my account; even tho i emailed them HD photos of my registration card + box + software package; i have 2 seperate 5.0 VST/32 full licenses for Macintosh + for PC; i have my Cubase SL2 usb elicenser (which is in my steinberg account because i registered it in 2012); and i also have my Elements 8 license bought just a few years ago; i basically have 5 different licenses of cubase including the Atari Version; and i emailed them last night asking if i could upgrade my SL2 license to SX3 somehow and they said sorry No; and the only way for me to do it is to find it secondhand. very frustrating. i should have the option of upgrading these licenses still; i paid $$ for them; this isnt fair;

i did however find a download of a cd image of “Cubase SE (2004)”
i guess this is Cubase “SE1”? rather then “SE3”?
but this version didnt throw an error and it did open and run just fine;
it seems to support .cpr file format
is this going to be functionally identical to sx3/se3 in terms of converting the atari files to .cpr?
or is there any reason to NOT use this older version for this task?

Other than technically you might not be licensed to use it, no, it should work. I had that version myself and as I recall, it had to be registered through the distributor but there was no copy protection other than a serial number.

It sound like you’ve fallen foul of Steinberg’s clearly out-sourced call-center support; there are some mods on here who are usually more helpful.

The reason I would urge caution with offers of “upgrades” on auction sites is that Steinberg upgrades are usually just an activation code, like a single-use password, and there’s no way to tell whether it has already been used or not. It would imply that someone had bought an upgrade code back in 2004 or whenever, and then for some reason never used it. I’m not saying these don’t exist, but personally I think it very unlikely.

Once you’ve converted your old projects, and if you haven’t already been completely put off by Steinberg support, you might be interested in the current offer of 40% the upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 from your Cubase Elements 8, valid until August 15th 2019.
Cubase Pro 10 Upgrade from Cubase Elements, LE (4 or higher), AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel
… and no, I don’t get commission – I just think this is really good value. That license would also allow you to run SX3 and all other versions and editions of Cubase.

thanks for the words;
but im not converting my “old projects”
but rather looking for a solution for taking current working projects from the Atari ST to the Mac/Pc;
the Atari St is still working like a champ;)
Cubase on the ATARI ST has a way different feel and i like it alot

See my full post on my post
[Solved] Convert old Cubase files (ARR and ALL) to CPR format

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