Need to know: is there "note repeat" in GA4?

I know it’s not on GAse4 … tho it would be a really nice (and easy) function !!!

You know with hihats or snare rolls it would be a time saver … 1 pad with snare looping at perfect 1/16 and another pad with 1/32 etc

So i asked STEINBERG multiple times if they would be doing something for a future update…WITH NO ANSWERS AT ALL !!!

Any one who got that full GA plug can tell me if they’ve inserted that function in it?


There is no “note repeat” button in GA4. We have discussed this feature for the full version, but it got a lower priority since we see it more like a live performance feature.

Still there are several ways to achieve similar effects:

  1. You could create a pattern pad with snare hits on the 1/16 and another one with 1/32. This way you can play it like a sample with note repeat.
  2. You could use the MIDI delay on a remote pad. Though you have to enter a number of repeats. There is no “until release” for the MIDI delay.
  3. In the pattern editor you can just set the quantize to 1/16 and then draw the full snare line with one click if you are looking for “note repeat” to program your grooves.

Thx for the answer, I’m gonna look into it

The problem with that solution is that if i want to test some different hihats, every time i change the hihat sample i gotta redo a loop and importing it to the pad…

I think that u could easily put that “note retrigger sync”, and that’s not only “live” … its very useful workflow to get ideas !!! And it’s really effective for loop slices too … when u wanna make a repeat buildup with a portion of the loop !!!

Well, at last that answer, 1st makes me understand that GAse4 wont ben,efit that note repeat…and that its useless for me to buy GA4 cause it wont benefit that option neither…

Are you taking customers requests (we pay for your softs)? Or are you gonna only add or remove what YOU think is useful/useless ???

I’m starting to regret giving my money for that … i thought for the software price you’ll get a real customer support !!!

You can exchange the sample without affecting the pattern. The pattern is just triggering the pad. So just load a new sample on the same pad to test different sounds.

Please keep the feedback and your feature requests coming. Software development is an ongoing process and we are taking all requests from our customers in consideration for future updates.

Well I don’t have GA4 only the GASE4, is there pattern on SE?

Sorry I ain’t got the soft or manual under my eyes for now lol

(thx for the answers!)