Need to make Radio Edit of Song

Hello all. I made a mix of a track and it’s been requested by the BBC to make a radio edit of the song. My problem is that I’ve used a lot of group channels, a lot of FX Channels, and a lot of automation.

I’ve tried numerous ways to export this stuff so I have each track as I mixed it as a brand new track, (with all it’s FX channels and group channels, automation, etc), but it’s not working. Either the FX channels aren’t mixed down with it, or the volumes aren’t the same because of the group channels I’ve made, and I can’t edit in the exact audio file because the automation is locked to the timeline rather than the vocals that I’ve automated.

Can anyone tell me how to get stems of my mix for the purpose of a radio edit?

Others may not agree, but I understand a “radio edit” to be a shortened version of a mix suitable for typical radio play. 3.00 to 3.30 in length, Not a set of exported stems as you suggest.

If this is the case, one way to work would be to make a new version of your music which can be a copy after the main mix, or use Project Backup to create an entirely new version of the project and then get busy with the range tool, or scissors taking some sections out of the music.

Or you might get away with importing your original mixed .wav to a new project, setting the tempo to fit and then cut and shut until you have the essential parts of your mix in a concise edited version.

Edit: I have added a screenshot showing radio edit version beyond main dance track. Hope this helps.
Radio edit screen.JPG

My problem is this. With all the automation, I can’t edit the individual mix to shorten it because the automation is linked to timeline, not to the audio. So when I start editing the track, my automation gets messed up and there’s over 50 tracks in this song. So if I do that, I’d have to move the automation for every one of those 50 tracks over just to make my mix stay the same.

I need the stems of my mix with all the automation, group channel volumes and FX channels so I can have the song in essentially stem formed already mixed so I can edit the stems where I need.

In Preferences under Editing, do you have Automation follows Events ticked?

Probably not, I didn’t see that setting when I looked earlier though. if that setting exists it’ll probably be exactly what I need. I’ll check it out when I can get back to the studio.

Also check the manual page 48, there is a toggle button for Automation Follows Events

Edit: here’s pic
Automation Follows Event.JPG

Automation following events doesn’t include automation on groups. Could get a mess anyway.

Did you think about the arranger track? That’s the most obvious tool for a remix maybe.

I don’t think I did a lot of group channel automation. That could just be as easy as clicking and dragging that over. I’ll be in the studio today and see what I can do. Thanks all for your help. If this works, I’ll let you know.

Thanks all for your answers. I’ve got the radio edit finished. I ended up exporting an instrumental mix and then rendering the vocals and doing my edits via the instrumental track. Worked like a charm. Automation follows events didn’t work because of the automation on the group channels, but rendering the tracks did exactly what I needed.


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