Need to Reset USB Dongle Everytime I turn on Macbook

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a couple of emails into Steinberg support, but no response yet so I thought I’d try here. Every time I power on my Macbook I have to unplug the USB dongle and plug it in again before the elicenser control center or DAW will recognize the licenses.

I’ve followed the KB article on completely removing and reinstalling the latest elicenser software, but to no avail. The dongle itself seems to be 100% fine and it works properly on my other Macbook.

It must be an OS X issue, some conflict or something during power on, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Anyone else ever seen this?

Aloha K,
This also happens to me maybe once a month or so.

Like you I unplug and then plug back in and all is well.
I do not have the same prob on my iMac.

Also I have wondered if there is a way to physically
‘clean’ my ports. (USB/FW/Ethernet etc)
But I am afraid to use a contact cleaner type product.


Cleaning shouldn’t be neccessary. Unplugging and replugging should clean USB port well enough to have good connections for couple of years again, unless there is some oxidation visible there.

Don’t be afraid of contact cleaners, though. Dry ones are not going to cause any harm on your computer. I’ve sprayed countless cans of contact cleaner to my electronic devices during my lifetime and never had any problems. Just don’t use those ones with lubricant.

Aloha and thanks for that J,

Lots o’ salt/moisture/sand here.
Metal parts easily start to go south if not maintained.


Oh … should have noticed this one:
Location: On the side of a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

– Jarno
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